Teams Advancing Women in Agriculture

Teams Advancing Women and Girls (TAWINA) exists to support the empowerment, education, training and economic participation of rural women and girls in Malawi who are at risk of becoming a child bride or otherwise being excluded from full participation in Malawian society.

TAWINA has been operating since 2009 and has already helped thousands of rural girls and women.

Latest News

Learn more about the situation in Malawi, the history of Tawina and our future plans.

Tawina Projects

Mayi ndi Mayi pa Chuma Project

Water Empowering Girls

Girl Inspire Initiative (G2I)

Mgonera Water Project

Early Start Project (ECD)

Dairy Women Brainstorming Circles Project

Strengthening Agriculture Livelihoods for Girls Education

Dowa South East Girls Education Project

Projects Completed
Communities Supported
Funds Raised

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Support for Tawina

The local community, including both men and women, have been the backbone of the emergence of TAWINA and they have been successful in attracting support from international donors including:

Join with us in our mission to bring economic and social freedom to the girls and women of Malawi